Learning the ropes

Training resources are all available on the web.

Before you start building your website you may wish to think about the content that will make your site special.  Take a little time to look through "Decoding the Web" (right click and 'save as' if you want to download it), then click below for the appropriate resources for your needs.

elderly lady at computerAccessibility issues.  An informative article to help make sure your website is easily accessed by those with visual impairment or other disability issues.

netAdventist training Manual now available.  This 14 chapter manual produced directly from netAdventist HQ covers everything from basic skills, such as creating a new page, to more complicated items, such as creating a customized theme. This  resource will be helpful to both newcomers to netAdventist and those who are more experienced with it.

netAdventist training site This is the main, International Training site. 

South Pacific Division training site.  Alternative site with plenty of resources. Also some good start-up training videos.

Upgrading to netAdventist4 - including responsive design and 'Adventist Visual Identity'.  Click here for free upgrade instuctions.

Adding a BUC News widget or page.  The latest widget to be released from the British Union Communication department.