Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ

Here are a selection of frequently asked questions.  Please check here to share your experience and learn from others.  If you have a question then please submit it here.

Can I have my personal blog on netAdventist?

netAdventist is provided to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK & Ireland under licence from the General Conference. This licence provides for free websites for local churches, Conferences and Unions and church related institutions found in the Adventist Yearbook.  Sadly we cannot provide websites outside of this criteria.  If Church members in good standing wish to  publish a "ministry" website, (e.g. religious information, health information, evangelism-outreach, etc) on the paid netAdventist hosting service they should contact http://www.netAserve.com.   They will need formal approval by their pastor.  The paid service is totally separate from this site.  Commercial websites are not permitted.

Why doesn't the "Sabbath Time" widget work.

The Sabbath Time widget was developed for the North American churches.  Sadly it currently only works in North America.  Requests have come from us and other parts of the world for this widget to become more international and a new one should be released very shortly.  Will will announce it as soon as it is available.

I want people to be able to contact me by email but do not want to display my email address.

This is quite simple. Make a contact form in the forms area and then link to it from the appropriate page.

If you have a template site from the BUC a form will already be set up for you.  All you will need to do is personalise it by adding your email in the final section of the form.

The above questions are specific to the UK and Ireland sites.  Find more FAQ from the International netAdventist community.