BUC Recommendations & Constitution Committee 2016

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Please note that voting has now closed for the Recommendations Committee and Nominating Committee and this page is no longer being monitored. Thank you for your vote and your prayers as these two committees commence their important work.

The results of the vote are as follows:
Nominating Committee:   YES: 191  NO: 6  Total votes: 197
Constitution Committee:  YES: 191  NO  6  Total votes: 197

All comments have been taken into consideration by the committee chair and, where appropriate, direct contact has been made with the individual delegate.


Dear Delegate

Thank you for reviewing the names as presented by the Recommendations Committee for both the Nominating Committee and Constitution Committee.  This is now your opportunity to vote in line with the BUC Constitution article 9a (iii). 

Please note: You cannot vote on each individual name. You must vote to accept or decline each committee as a whole. For your vote to be accepted you need to add your name, local church and delegate number in the boxes below and then vote.  Remember, you can only vote once, and you are the only person who should use this online form.

We recommend that you submit this form using Internet Explorer or Firefox. The form sometimes does not work on other Internet platforms.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the names and participate in this important process.  Voting will close at the end of the day on Tuesday, 22 March 2016.  *Please note: Voting now extended until noon on Monday, 4 April. Any vote submitted after that date will not be included.

Please note: This is a secure voting system via netAdventist.  The results can only be accessed by Emma Stickland, PA to the TED President, Pastor Raafat Kamal.

Yours sincerely

Raafat Kamal
Chairman, Recommendation Committee & Nominating Committee



Please cast your electronic vote below. Remember you can only vote once.